Indian Economy Course-Demo sessions

Here are some demo sessions by Jatin Verma sir on the Indian Economy course that he will be teaching at JV's IAS Academy. Economy is the most important part of UPSC/State PCS. Watch the Demo sessions to get an idea on how to study for Indian Economy in the most effective manner and what sources to refer to.


Daily News Analysis

Current Affairs is an integral part of the UPSC CSE Preparation. Reading newspapers daily and interlinking the issues in the news to the static portion of UPSC Syllabus is crucial and a confusing task for most of the aspirants.

Hence, JV’s brings to all the aspirants the solution of this confusion ‘The Daily News Analysis by Jatin Verma’ for UPSC Current Affairs Preparation: An initiative by JV’S to make reading newspapers a simple task for the aspirants and aid them in making easy and effective current affairs notes.

Daily News Analysis (DNA) covers significant events or issues in the news that are important in UPSC Exam perspective.

The important issues and events covered from the newspaper in our DNA are categorized by GS Mains Papers (GS I, GS II, GS III and GS IV).

Current Affairs is an enormous topic which requires a lot of sources and time to cover from 360 degrees.

Our Daily Newspaper Analysis for UPSC exam is prepared by referring to various major newspapers that include The Hindu, The Indian Express, Live mint etc.

The Daily Hindu Editorial Analysis also covers sample practice questions for both UPSC Prelims and Mains Exam based on the current events.
For latest details on UPSC 2021, refer to the linked article.
Daily News Analysis for UPSC
Highlights of our Daily News Analysis (DNA): Daily The Hindu Editorial analysis for IAS
Newspapers Covered – The Hindu, The Indian Express, Livemint, Business Standard and other major newspapers.
Table of Contents– Our DNA has table of content under which the news is classified into four categories or General Studies Papers viz;

  • GS Paper I- Indian National Movement, Indian Art & Culture, Indian Geography, etc
  • GS Paper II – International Relations, Polity, Governance.
  • GS Paper III- Indian Economy, Environment issues, Science and Technology,
  • GS Paper IV – Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude

Prelims and Mains practice questions are given too.

Frequency– DNA is released in specific compilations that include every day Daily News Analysis for UPSC

Format- The PDF file is provided in downloadable format on the same day.

Takeaways for UPSC Aspirants from our DNA

  • ‘The Hindu’ Analysis covers important news and editorials for UPSC exam.

  • Save time by watching our DNA and reading the PDF thereafter to avoid referring to various sources.

  • Mock questions for UPSC Prelims and Mains.

  • Technique to make current affairs notes by Jatin Verma.

  • JV’s DNA is the ultimate source of Daily Current Affairs for IAS preparation. It is indeed the best current affairs site for the UPSC exam.

Find your daily dose of current affairs for UPSC Exam preparation from JV’s Daily News Analysis which provides you with every day ‘The Hindu Newspaper’ analysis for UPSC exam and ‘The Hindu Editorial Analysis’ with mock questions for IAS Prelims and Mains Exam.

Best current affairs for UPSC exam at Jatin Verma’s Academy - One stop solution for UPSC Preparation.

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