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Daily Updates

Daily important articles which are needed for UPSC CSE exam preparation is updated every day (except Sundays) along with Daily current affairs MCQs. These updates will provide current events of respective days. These current events are prepared from The Hindu, PIB, Indian Express, Economic Times and other standard sources. This initiative is free of cost.

Courses By Jatin Verma



Current Affairs are a very crucial part of UPSC CSE preparation that must be studied in great detail. When the preliminary examination is very near, a paucity of time doesn’t allow candidates to read every topic precisely. Looking at this difficulty, a complete course on current affairs is essential for candidates to cover all important topics considering the Prelims + Mains perspective. Current Affairs Round-Up —a comprehensive yet concise course of all the important current events happened throughout the year. Under this course, we will cover issues from 13 Jan 2020 to 17 May 2020. We have broadly divided the round-up into various sections. We have wisely divided each of the sections into different subsections to mindfully aggregate and present the issues happened in a particular field.


Indian Economy Course

Economy though a very baffling subject is the spine of the CSE preparation and holds a significant position in both pre as well as the mains. Economy as a discipline not only holds relevance in this exam but its importance stands out, as every social, as well as the political action, ultimately have economic implications. In this course, Jatin Verma will cover all the important aspects of Indian Economy and related Current Affairs relevant for the UPSC Civil Services Exam & other exams conducted by UPSC and the State PSC exams.


Polity & Governance Course

POLITY as a subject deals with the Constitution, the Local Administration, the Parliament, the Union, and the State, etc. On the other hand, GOVERNANCE talks about how citizens are governed by the State. In this course, Jatin Verma will do comprehensive coverage of Indian polity for General Studies Mains Paper II with special reference to previous year questions. The course will focus on conceptual understanding linking the static portion of the polity to relevant current affairs.